Bulk Box of of 80 Homemade-Style Caramels

Bulk Box of of 80 Homemade-Style Caramels
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Price: $39.00
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80 Original Caramels
80 Fleur De Sel Sea Salt Caramels (+$2.00)
80 Chocolate Caramels
80 Chocolate Fleur De Sel Sea Salt (+$2.00)
80 Rum Caramels
80 Coffee Caramels
80 Raspberry Caramels
80 Licorice Caramels
80 Peanut Butter
Assorted with 40 original & 40 sea salt (+$3.00)
Assorted with 20 each of original, sea salt, chocolate and chocolate sea salt (+$3.00)
Assorted with some of everything: 10 orig, sea salt, chocolate, chocolate sea salt,raspberry, coffee, peanut butter; 5 licorice and rum (+$3.00)
Assorted selection picked by you (+$3.00)
No Gift Wrapping
Gift Wrap (+$2.00)


80 pieces of old-fashion, homemade-style, gourmet caramel candy. This bulk box is available in any of our flavors as well as assortment options. We offer 3 preset assortments, or you may pick your own assortment. Please note, selecting either of the fleur de sel sea salt varities is an additional $2.00 and selecting an assortment is an additional $3.00. Our caramels are rich in flavor and soft in texture. This product can be frozen or refrigerated to maintain its freshness and quality. It is naturally gluten free.

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