About Us

Our Story

We are a small business located in central Minnesota. Our goal is to provide a product of exceptional quality with equally exceptional service.

In 1997 we developed a recipe for caramel candy and started making the product in our restaurant, Bayfields Bake Shop & Grill, in Alexandria, Minnesota. In 1999 we started promoting the product at wholesale gift shows and soon our caramel was sold in gift shops throughout the Midwest. During the summer of 2000, we built a commercial kitchen in the basement of our home near Osakis, Minnesota. This kitchen, specifically designed to make caramel candy, was the start of Dutch House Confections.

In December 2006 we moved and built our second home-based commercial kitchen which was approximately twice the size of our first. In 2010 we closed Bayfields Bake Shop & Grill. Closing the restaurant was difficult and sad, but it allowed us to focus on expanding our caramel business. It soon became apparent the home-based commercial kitchen was too small for our growing business needs.

In 2013 we purchased a building 3 miles from our home. This building, which was vacant at the time, had been a restaurant for several decades. We added a loading dock and did some minor remodeling inside. Our current location in Nelson, Minnesota, offers us ample space for expansion. If you are interested in purchasing the product to resell or wish to purchase it for personal use, please contact us toll-free at 1-888-349-3480 (or 320-759-3187 outside of the United States).